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What separates Ozzy’s Golden Construction Inc. from other Miami general contractors is the range of our services and the level of our crew’s experience. We are equipped to manage any construction project you may have in mind thanks to our team of highly qualified architects, engineers, and craftsmen. We have the ability to design and build anything from a simple addition to a new home to a commercial structure from the ground up. We are a general contractor for all of your needs, which means that when you work with us, we will manage your entire project and you won’t have to deal with any third parties.

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Ozzy’s Golden Construction Inc.


Oswaldo (Ozzy) Graveran

Osvaldo Graveran (Ozzy) Comes from a Humble Background in Cuba, being raised with Integrity and Respect for those around Him, which he carries with Him to this day. He founded Ozzy’s Golden Construction because He understood the quality and service he could provide to his clients. with a 9-Years of Education in Building Construction and Now more than Three Decades in Practice, Ozzy aims to provide Gold Standard service and quality, always providing value to our clients with whatever they need. A good name is more desirable than great Riches, and Ozzy’s reputation has certainly matched his vision, it’s been nearly 14-Years now, and a year doesn’t go by where we don’t get better and better and the person who benefits most is our Client, as it should be.

Miguel Graveran

It was a take your child to work day back around 2005 when Miguel was given a tour of a Jobsite by his Father Ozzy who was then working as the Chief Field Engineer for Moss and Associates. It was Two Skyscrapers in Downtown Miami. As the work Elevator rose to the 30th something floor Miguel was on the job site, terribly afraid of heights but absolutely captivated by the sight of the Project and everything around it. It’s a memory that doesn’t seem to fade. Since He was a boy He was been raised around the Construction Industry and different job sites. He took a three-year hiatus in his teens to work in High-end Restaurants and learned true hospitality towards guests and clients. When he returned to the family business, He jumped right into the deep end and a single day hasn’t gone by since He hasn’t learned something new. Now he works alongside his Father, helping Him run a True family business and continually educating Himself on how to provide the best for their clients every single day.

What Makes Us Different

As a family company, we can’t help but focus on our client’s best interest at heart. When working with our clients we’re not thinking about the months where the project will take place, we work with clients we will want to keep in touch with for the rest of our lives. We’ve had playdates with our client’s children, Celebrated Holidays, and taken trips together. We stand to protect them as if they are our own family and make sure we take care of them in every aspect of the job. Guarding their time, finances, and emotions.

Our Expertise

We have two Sectors where we have been most successful the Residential and Commercial. In Residential our greatest projects have been Custom Homes, Complete Remodels, and Large Additions where we partner with our client to ensure the project is completed quickly to their taste and budget. In the Commercial Sector we have worked with Business Owners to Retrofit Old Buildings to make them viable Buy and Hold investments, Building New Shell Structures for Retail Purposes, or for Personal Businesses such as Restaurants, Ballet Studios, and Corporate Offices.

Ozzy’s Construction Process

Starting With a Dream

Every Construction project begins with a vision. You close your eyes and see an ideal space and you can feel what it’s like to be there, but you might not be able to visualize it perfectly. We can facilitate this process by taking the first step of performing a Concept Design, turn it into drawings that can be seen on a screen and used to build the project. As the General Contractor, we can work with your designer or provide you with a trusted partner.

Getting the technical details right with architects, engineers, and the city

As the General Contractor, we understand the technical details of a project and constantly work with architects and engineers to help design the plans for practical construction. Involving us in the Pre-Construction phase of your project is the safest, most secure way to ensure that the project is being designed in a manner that will be financially feasible. If needed we can assist the design team in the permitting process until they receive approval. We ensure that as we build we meet all the required codes and specifications, passing Inspections, and seeing the project through to completion.

Pricing out the design and enlisting the help of subcontractors

When the drawings and blueprints are finalized, we can enlist the help of our army of subcontractors and request bids from them for completing the various parts of the project. We’ll compile the estimates together and double check everything to make sure they’re complete and nothing is missing. Paying close attention to details during this stage will ensure there are no surprises in the middle of the project that add substantial sums of capital to overall investment.

Scheduling the project

Once the plan has been fully defined and agreed upon, we’ll schedule the rest of your project out and get on the calendars of all of the different teams of tradesmen required to build the project. The best time to schedule projects is when you’re going to be out of town. If there’s a trip coming up, let us know and we’ll try to schedule the ideal phase of the project for when you’re not there. If you will be living in the home during construction, it’s best to plan out how that’s going to go so you don’t spend too much time in a construction area.

Building The Project

As the General Contractor - We Will Assist in Every Detail

From demolition on day one to orchestrating the series of tradesmen that come through the project to do their part, we have everything covered. Our dedication to awesome customer service means we will communicate clearly and consistently.
As the general contractor, we take responsibility for the work our subcontractors and crews produce and ensure and confirm quality as each stage is complete. When the project is wrapping up, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you and make sure everything is exactly how you want it.

In the future, should anything go wrong, we will warranty our work and will fix anything that needs it, though we don’t expect there to be any problems with the final product. In the future, we aim to be your contractor for life and help you take care of building any projects you or your loved ones have.

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